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Feature One

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CannabisIQ Point Of Sale platform offers powerful transaction, order, inventory and sales management.

Our servers are 100% scable, & secure. Our infrastructure automatically adjusts to bandwidth, storage, geographic demand load. Our customer support is available 7 days a week.

  • Order Entry
  • Inventory Management
  • Patient Management (iPad & Desktop)
  • Real-time Sales Metrics
  • Multiple Payment Options

Automatic in-stock management ensures your inventory reports are 100% accurate. Inventory counts are automatic as sales are completed. An inventory item with a count of zero doesn't appear in the POS menu, eCommerce menu & in-store LCD TV menu!!


(Screenshot source: Patient Manager)

Easy to use, powerful patient/ customer management to track sales by customer, easily upload patient recommendation, and state drivers license.

Patient/Customer check-in by license scan puts patient/customer into checked-in que for bud tenders to quickly select customer for service to reduce lines, and manage customer flow.

In-Store mobile documents submittal ( smart phone, tablets ) makes setting up a new patient flawless and fast!


(Screenshot source: Main POS Product Menu)

The CannabisIQ Point Of Sale menu delivers high performance, and reliability, as well as ease of use. When a product is out of inventory, it automatically comes off all of our menus!

Payment options include Cash, Credit Cards, and Custom Payment allowing bud tenders to provide a single item discounted up to 100%, and to track free products given out, as well as to track sales by credit card and cash payments.


(Screenshot source: CannabisIQ Sales Metrics)

Get real-time sales metrics, track sales by Top 10 Products Sold, Sales By Month, By Credit Card, Transaction Type (Credit, Cash, Free), By Product Category, and By POS Station.

Reports include Daily Register Reconcilliation, Inventory Status Report. Custom reports are available.

Improve your bottom line with our Real-time Sales Performance Metrics report. Tracking all dimensions of sales will help you fine-tune what products you sell, order volume required, and improve budtender customer interactions.

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