CannabisIQ - The Cannabis Point of Sale Platform

CannabisIQ offers key features to help your bottom line: Rapid Order Entry, UPC/SKU Inventory Management With Loss Tracking, Realtime Sales & Inventory Dashboard, and Standard Reports (Z-Report, Inventory and Sales)

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How Can CannabisIQ Help Your Bottom Line?

100% Secure, 100% Reliability, High Performance Point of Sale & eCommerce Platform.

High Performance & 100% Reliable!

The Point Of Sale, eCommerce & In-Store LCD Menu all rely on a single inventory management system.

Manage Inventory Via UPC Scanner. Get A Master Product List of major vendors & most popular strains.

@cannabisiq What A Great Platform! We can't wait til launch!

@istrainguide, San Francisco

Main CannabisIQ POS Screen

Help Your Bottom Line!

High performance & reliability affords you to easily service your customers needs. Fast transaction times keeps customer flow moving.

Realtime Sales metrics helps you manage your bottom line: top 10 product sales, sales by month, product category, transaction type gives you a view into how your business is performing!

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The interface is so easy to use - contact us about getting a beta in your collective!

@CannabisIQ, San Francisco

In-Store, Reserve Inventory & Loss Tracking

Track loss from processing flower, CannabisIQ monitors & controls In-store & Reserve inventory.

With a quick slide of your finger, increase in-store inventory! Our inventory system works, is accurate, and delivers real time metrics.

Bulk, In-Store & Reserve Inventory Management is impressive!

John S., Oakland

(Screenshot: Collective Inventory Manager Screen)

Live Inventory Metrics

Watch your inventory levels by product category in real-time! Know exactly what you're selling, how fast, and when you need to reorder!

Our real-time product inventory gauges accurately reflect your sales as they happen!

Live Product Inventory Metrics Now Available!!

@CannabisIQ, San Francisco

(Screenshot: Live Product Inventory Level Metrics)

Secure On Many Levels

Our security includes 128bit SSL encryption to protect all data transmission, secured and encrypted POS database, and highly secure Unix-based servers.

Our multi-level authentication entitlement system affords customers to define store owner, manager, employee and other system roles to manage access to features like realtime metrics, and other sensitive information.

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The interface is so easy to use - contact us about getting a beta in your collective!

@CannabisIQ, San Francisco

Track Free Products

When you give a new customer a free item (100% discount), or give an extra gram of flower as a thank you or special promotion, track it!

Using the CannabisIQ (patent pending) Custom Payment option, set the discount price up to 100% for an item. Add an extra gram to the order! Its tracked and displayed in our real-time sales metrics!!

Tracking Free Product Giveaways Is Easy With CannabisIQ!!

Stephen Wycker, San Francisco

UPC Inventory Scanning

Scan Products Into Inventory Via UPC Scanner. Reduces errors, improves inventory accuracy, and speeds up inventory management.

Use your existing POS hardware ( cash drawer, receipt printer, computer, monitor ) however we highly  recommend a touch screen. We offer low equipment pricing, and also offer equipment leasing!

We Are Live!! Check us out on Instagram!

@CannabisIQ, San Francisco

Point Of Sale Hardware

Point Of Sale & eCommerce Platform

Our eCommerce platform, Point Of Sale, & In-Store LCD Menu are all fed by the same Inventory Management System.

Enter your products once into inventory. When a product is sold out, it no longer appears on any menu!!

We love the in-store menu! It's so powerful & easy to use!

John T, San Jose

Employee Time Clock

Employees Clock In and Clock Out (Time Tracking) in one easy step.

Owners & Managers track employee hours with our Timeclock Report. Monitor hours worked, track work load based on in-store customer traffic.

The Employee Time tracker is so helpful! Truly adds value to CannabisIQ!

Yoni Weiss, San Diego

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